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Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program
One Stop (Support for Students): (612) 624-1111 or (800) 400-8636
Academic Support Resources (ASR) Training Team: (612) 625-2803
Human Resources help: (612) 624-UOHR
Financial System help: (612) 624-1617
IT help: (612) 301-HELP
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Timing Update

We are collecting additional PeopleSoft upgrade testing data throughout this week, and will then analyze that information. Timing details will be shared the first week of February.

What is The Upgrade?

This spring, the University will upgrade PeopleSoft systems for faculty, staff, and students:

  • Campus Solutions (student systems)
  • Enterprise Financial System
  • HR Management System

Why are we upgrading?

Our systems are outdated. We must upgrade to maintain support and compliance. Benefits are:

  • Real-time, consolidated information relevant to each user (faculty, staff, and students)
  • More efficient, streamlined, and automated business processes
  • Improved infrastructure, reducing go-forward IT maintenance
  • Keeping up to date with supportability, stability and compliance requirements

Do I need to do anything?

Yes, you’ll need to prepare for systems interruption and learn new ways to do things.

  • Stay up-to-date. Sign up for The Upgrade newsletter, read our blog, or contact us.
  • Prepare for systems interruption. PeopleSoft and related systems will be unavailable or view-only for one to two weeks before The Upgrade. Your unit will share more details.
  • Get training.  Be sure to read your training emails, or visit Training & Education
  • Know your support network. Additional support will be provided on the same help lines you use today. Plus, leverage your Advance Teams.
  • Embrace change. Big systems implementations like this face technical issues and natural human resistance. Prepare for change, be flexible, and exercise patience!

What's New

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