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What is The Upgrade?

In February, we are doing a systems upgrade that will affect nearly everyone at the U.

The Upgrade includes:

As with any upgrade this big, we expect to have to work out some kinks, so please be supportive and patient during this time!

Why are we upgrading?

Graphic of Benefits: personalized portal; real-time, consolidated information; efficient systems, improved processes; supportability, stability, compliance

We are required to upgrade our systems to maintain support and compliance. We are also using this opportunity to:

  • Enhance infrastructure efficiency
  • Improve and automate business processes
  • Create a personalized MyU portal with real-time information
  • Consolidate reporting

Will I notice any benefits from The Upgrade?

Yes! The Upgrade will enable a personalized MyU portal, real-time information, and consolidated reporting. You’ll go to MyU for things like:

Do I need to do anything?

You’ll need to learn new ways to do things. To find out what you need to know, just look under Staff, Faculty, or Students (upper right-hand corner) for general information, training resources, sneak peek videos, and more. Materials are still in development, so keep an eye out for new information.

Graphic of surprise: Are you ready?You will also need to prepare for a one- to two-week period during The Upgrade when you won’t be able to use some systems. For example, some systems will have view-only information that is not “live.”

Since we’re upgrading several complex systems in sequence, the process will take longer than previous upgrades. We’re working to minimize the impact, but you’ll need to take care of critical issues that will occur during that time, like making loan or vendor payments, entering and approving employee time, or making sure your software is up-to-date. Pay attention to future communications for details.

Stay Up-to-Date

Changes are ongoing, so stay current by signing up for The Upgrade electronic newsletter and reading our blog. Or contact us directly with your questions and feedback.

Thank You!

This change is complex, and even though we have taken a lot of precautions, it’s rare that such an extensive upgrade would go off without a hitch. Please be an advocate during this time. We need your support and patience to be successful!


The Upgrade News:

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