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Program Governance, Management, & Organization

Governance for the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program consists of the following oversight channels:

End users on all five University of Minnesota campuses will be engaged at the Functional Steering Committee level, in working groups addressing specific system issues, and in system testing.

Program Governance Chart. Executive Oversight Committee - Chair: V.P. Allen Levine; Members: V.P. Kathy Brown, Vice Provost and Dean Robert McMaster, V.P. Richard Pfutzenreuter, V.P. R. Scott Studham. Integration Steering Committee - Chair: Andrea Backes (CBS); Members: Rob Super (EFS), Mike Volna (EFS), Dan Hemauer (EFS), Kris Hause (HRMS), Sue Van Voorhis (Sdnt.), Grant Clavelle (Sdnt.), William Dana (Sdnt.), Patton Fast (IT), Dennis Wenzel (Prgm. Dir.). Executive Program Director - Dennis Wenzel. Finance Functional Steering Committee - Chair: Rob Super; Business Owner: Mike Volna; Project Director: Dan Hemauer; IT Tech Owner: Ruth Dodson and End Users. Student Functional Steering Committee - Chair: Sue Van Voorhis; Business Owner: Grant Clavelle; Project Director: William Dana; IT Tech Owner: David Imdieke and End Users. HRMS Functional Steering Committee - Chair: TBD; Business Owner: Kelly Krattiger; Project Director: Kris Hause; IT Tech Owner: Phyllis Mohrlant and End Users. Information Technology Steering Committee - Chair: Patton Fast; Business Owner: R. Scott Studham Project Director: Mark Powell and Technologists. Portal Functional Steering Committee - Chair: Julie Selander; Business Owner: Sue Van Voorhis; Project Director: William Dana; IT Tech Owner: Steve Nguyen; System Campuses, Faculty, and Staff. Ent. Data Mgmt & Reporting (EDMR) Steering Committee - Chair:   Steve Gillard; Business Owner: Linc Kallsen; Project Director: Amy Winkel; IT Tech Owner: Sharon Ramollo. 08/11/2014

We are managing the program with a model that divides our work into project work streams. The Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program (ESUP) team includes strong leadership and partnership between the University (UMN) and our implementation partner Sierra-Cedar (SCI).

Program Organization Chart (From the top of the organizational hierarchy, to the bottom): Executive Oversight Committee; Executive Program Director: Dennis Wenzel; Program Management Office: Carolyn Chase (UMN); Assistant Program Director Change Management, Training and Communications: Georgi Frye (SCI); Assistant Program Directors: Mark Powell (UMN) and Chris Cameron (SCI); Student Project Director: William Dana (UMN) and Juanita Jolley (SCI); HRMS Project Directors: Kris Hause (UMN) and Dan Sluka (SCI); Finance Project Directors: Dan Hemauer (UMN) and Mike Murphy (SCI); Portal Project Director: William Dana (UMN); Reporting and Data Management Project Directors: Amy Winkel (UMN) and Sean Williams (SCI); Security Project Director: Jerry Williams; Application Development Project Director: Shannon Gibson (UMN); Identity Management (IdM): Gordon Korbel (UMN); Infrastructure Project Director: Tim Gagner (UMN); Testing Project Director: Stacie Bensen (UMN); Integration Project Directors: Tim Gagner (UMN) and Bill Collings (SCI); Communications Project Director: Tricia Conway (UMN); Training Project Director: Carolie Carlson (UMN). 08/11/2014