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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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About The Upgrade

In April 2015, the University plans to upgrade its PeopleSoft systems to maintain support and compliance. Also known as "ESUP" (Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program), The Upgrade includes improvements in business operations and reduces maintenance, in line with operational excellence goals.

See the easy-to-read, printable, Upgrade Backgrounder.

Why are we upgrading?

Systems are outdated. We need to maintain support and compliance. Benefits include:

This multi-year, $83.5M project will allow for future enhancements and functionality:

Videos about the work being done behind-the-scenes, through "ESUP":

Business Work Streams

The Upgrade is comprised of individual projects, or work streams. Each of the following areas has its own page to provide more information:


Check out Training & Education for training and education materials.

More Information

Key Communications and Change Managment Contacts

Please reach us via email to express concerns, ask questions, or to connect with the following Change Management and Communications staff: