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Change Details

Below are significant University business processes changing resulting from The Upgrade activities. Please note that the changes listed below may evolve as the proposed solutions move through development and testing.

Business process redesign

A business process is a discrete work function, usually associated with a module or page in PeopleSoft. Each item in the chart below refers to a business process that is changing. Once an IDP (Interactive Design & Prototyping) working team has analyzed a business process and developed a recommendation for redesigning it, the team forwards a change request document through the program governance structure. If the team recommendation is approved, then development and configuration will begin.

Communicating changes

Because of differences in the impact, timing, audience size, and nature of the work, some changes will not be listed here. Relevant stakeholders will receive targeted communication. If you have questions, please contact Below is a list of approved changes that are now being communicated to the University community:

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