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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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The Upgrade and You: Faculty

The University has upgraded its core financial, human resources, and student services technology systems. It is the culmination of a multi-year effort affecting all faculty, students, and staff. Many changes impact the entire University community, including changes you will experience because of your role as faculty.

MyU designed for you

The new MyU is a central, easy access point for everyone: faculty, students, and staff. It is a completely new experience for faculty--bringing together tools and resources you need to perform tasks related to teaching and research. All employees will use MyU to complete their timesheets or request/report absences instead of submitting paper forms.

MyU also houses a new, robust Reporting Center where you can access a wide variety of reports. You may wish to view the video below to orient yourself to the features for faculty in the new MyU.



Printable Guides

Faculty Center Guide: a compilation of how to accomplish tasks associated with the Faculty Center. View this guide to learn how you will access and navigate Faculty Center, view your teaching schedule, view class roster (class list), view grade rosters and enter or change grades, and search or browse the course catalog.


The following shorter guides are for specific tasks commonly completed by faculty


Support Resources

If you have questions or need help with the upgraded systems, simply use the support structure you have always used. You can use call centers and help desks or contact your local advance team member. Advance team members are comprised of workplace personnel who have familiarized themselves with the Upgrade. These volunteers are from your area's HR, finance, and faculty/student services/adviser teams and have agreed to support their colleagues throughout the upgrade process.