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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Systems Impacts

What is The Upgrade? Why are we upgrading?

The University is upgrading its PeopleSoft systems for faculty, staff, and students in April, because current systems are outdated -- the last full process and system update was 1998. We have to upgrade to maintain support and compliance. Additional benefits include:

Why is there a systems interruption? How long will it be?

The systems interruption -- or cutover period -- is scheduled to last from April 10 to 20. During this time, PeopleSoft and related systems will be unavailable or view-only. This is longer than previous upgrades because we are updating several complex systems in sequence.

Why couldn’t you do this during summer, or some other time that is less busy?

The Upgrade teams devoted a lot of thought to when would be the best time for the upgrade. They determined  there is no ideal time to do a full implementation. Our fiscal year end and audit happens during the summer. Grading, registration, and admissions happen at different times throughout  the year, as does hiring and onboarding new employees.

What should people do during cutover?

Will my UCard still work?
Yes, your U Card will continue to work during the Cutover for services such as FlexDine and Gopher GOLD. However, changes cannot be made during this time. For example, if someone needs a new U Card with their new name, this will need to wait until after the Upgrade.

In addition, U Cards are needed to purchase a bus pass, so new employees and students will have to wait an extra week to get their U card before they can purchase a bus pass.

What should I know about the new MyU? What’s happening to One Stop?
Learn more about the new MyU. The purpose of the new MyU portal is to help people be successful in getting their business done at the U.

Some people in my department are on an advance team. What is this?
The Upgrade has Advance Teams from HR, Finance, and Faculty support areas. These volunteers participated in early training sessions to support others at Go Live.

Can I still get my UMReports?
The Reporting Center will replace the UM Reports Home Page. The Reporting Center will be the new way to access enterprise reports from UM Reports, UM Analytics, and PeopleSoft. To find out more about changes to specific UM Report go to: UM Reports Changes Spreadsheet.

Do I need to come to work?
Yes, the five campuses of the University of Minnesota will remain open during the systems interruption and business will continue. Classes will occur as scheduled.

Is training available?
Yes! Training is available during the Cutover period and beyond. Click here for more information about Upgrade Training and Education.