University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program
One Stop Twin Cities: (612) 624-1111 (System camupuses can find support on their One Stop website)
Academic Support Resources (ASR) Training Team: (612) 625-2803
Human Resources help: (612) 624-UOHR
Financial System help: (612) 624-1617
IT help: (612) 301-HELP
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Meetings shown on the calendar below are by invitation only, in part due to room sizes and the need to ensure those attending have adequate opportunity to participate. Please see the Volunteer section of this site to notify the team of your interest in specific events or topics.

Phase I: Plan & Discover
Phase II: Analyze & Design
Phase III: Configure & Develop
Phase IV: Test & Train
Phase V: Deploy & Optimize
Thereafter, regular production environment operations and enhancements resume.