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University of Minnesota
Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program
One Stop Twin Cities: (612) 624-1111 (System camupuses can find support on their One Stop website)
Academic Support Resources (ASR) Training Team: (612) 625-2803
Human Resources help: (612) 624-UOHR
Financial System help: (612) 624-1617
IT help: (612) 301-HELP
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Reports List

Today's Report Name / Report Name After the Upgrade (names will remain the same)

Account Budget Status for Current Non-Sponsored Funds
Accounts Receivable Activity by Invoice
Accounts Receivable Status by Chart String
Activity by Account
Actual Account Summary by Accounting Period for Current Non-Sponsored Funds
Asset Management Depreciation Capitalization Report
Asset Management Depreciation Expense Report
Asset Management Depreciation Management Disposal Report
Asset Management Depreciation Schedule Report
Award Processing Statistics
Budget Account versus Actual Activity - Current Non-Sponsored Funds
Budget Prep Status by Chartfield String
Chart String Exceptions
Chartfield String Budget Status for Current Non-Sponsored Funds
Chartfield String Budget Summary for Non-Sponsored Funds
Current DeptID Approvers
Employee Reimbursement Detail (only runs as a drill down from Transaction Detail)
Encumbrance Detail Report
Encumbrance Detail Report (only runs as a drill down from Account Budget Status for Current Non-Sponsored Funds)
Encumbrance Summary
Endowment Detail
Endowment Transaction
F&A Recovery
Journal Detail (drill down from Salary Cost Transfer and Non-Salary Cost Transfers reports)
Non Sponsored Activity By Fiscal Year
Non-Salary Cost Transfers
Payroll Detail
Payroll Detail (PI version)
PCard Detail (drill down from Transaction Detail)
Position Budget Status vs Actuals
Position Budgeting Distribution Detail
Position Budgeting Distribution Summary
PUF Endowment
Salary Cost Transfers
Sponsored Award Overview
Sponsored Award Summary
Sponsored Awards in Deficit
Sponsored Fixed Price Balances
Sponsored Flexible Period Expense Summary
Sponsored Project Activity by Budget Period
Sponsored Project Activity by Project Period
Sponsored Project Detail
Sponsored Project Summary
Sponsored Project Summary by Budget Period
Sponsored Projects in Deficit
Sponsored/Non Sponsored Summary - Overall
Submitted Proposal Processing Statistics
Transaction Detail
Transaction Detail (PI version)
Transfer Detail