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About the Finance Upgrade effort

The Finance Project Work Stream is one component of the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program. The project officially kicked off on May 8, 2013! View a copy of the slides from the kickoff presentation. (pdf)

The Finance* upgrade project includes an update of our PeopleSoft financial system to the latest version (9.2) in order to maintain integration with the HR and student systems and to address certain specific needs and strategic priorities. Since a new Finance system was implemented relatively recently, the impact of this upgrade will be relatively less than that of the other ESUP programs. Enhancements such as a new e-procurement system, however, should improve functionality and user experience.

EFS upgrade strategy

The goal for the financial system upgrade is to address important end-user functionality priorities while minimizing the technical changes to the system. A few key business processes have been identified either as pain points or opportunities for further efficiencies by the EFS Functional Steering Committee and Business Process Owners. These business processes will be addressed and improved as part of the upgrade. Read the full strategy here...

What does success look like?

The Finance portion of the upgrade is of much smaller scope and scale than the work being performed in other areas of the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Program. Both the Functional Steering Committee for the Finance effort and the financial Business Process Owners have defined what will make this effort a success. Below are a few measures of success that have been identified by these groups.

* Also referred to as the EFS, or Enterprise Financial System, upgrade