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Management & Governance & Work Groups

The Finance Functional Steering Committee provides expertise, analysis, recommendations, and decisions regarding system implementation and related business processes. End users on all five University of Minnesota campuses will be engaged at the Functional Steering Committee level, in working groups addressing specific system issues, and in system testing.

Read more about governance for the Enterprise Upgrade Project as a whole here


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Text of emails we send out to all stakeholders or to specific groups of stakeholders will be posted on "messages sent to the community".

If you are concerned about being missed by major communications regarding changes made to the financial system during this upgrade project, check back in on this page throughout the project. Otherwise, please join FSUN (the Financial Systems User Network). The FSUN general membership group will always be included in communications that interest the entire financial systems end user community.

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Work Groups

Below are links to information about each of the work groups. Additional work groups will be formed as necessary to accomplish the goals of the project. See the Volunteer page for more information on how to get involved.

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PCard and My Wallet work group

Overview, February 2013

A little over a year ago the Enterprise Systems Upgrade Project began with a planning phase with our partner Oracle Consulting. Part of that effort was a review of our PeopleSoft financial business processes that resulted in a series of recommendations on possible change for those processes we use. The recommendations vary but each is related to a specific process or group of processes.

Each working group will review a subset of these recommendations, review our current business process, and then translate that to what could become our process in the future. This is meant to be a fairly high level review that will help to illuminate the possible positive or negative impacts associated with these changes.

The end result of each recommendation review will be a completed 'change management issue form' that documents the results of the group’s work and the group’s recommendation on how to address the issue. Each of the completed change documents will be reviewed by the Functional Steering Committee and associated Business Process Owners to determine if the recommendation should be followed.

As the project progresses and the finance team is joined by our partner for the upgrade (Cedar Crestone) a more detailed review of our processes will be conducted. The change documents produced by the work groups will focus these later efforts and help to define scope for the upgrade.

Details of changes

People are understandably excited and concerned about this upgrade effort. Among others, the University's financial Business Process Owner group and the Functional Steering Committee have reviewed and prioritized a list of possible changes that may result from the work done during this upgrade. From this list, a budget was set, requested, and approved by the Board of Regents.

More specific information about the work of the upgrade team and any changes that will be made to the financial system will be posted on this site as the work groups are ready to share decisions or complete assignments. Information will also be sent to the community via email and posted on our communications page; in training materials and job aids; posted on the ESUP site and related blogs; and in presentations to various financial user community groups.

Discussion documents shared at the FSC meetings and used by the work groups to make recommendations for changes will be posted on this site on the Recommendations page.

Information about the project process used is available here.