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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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A New MyU

The purpose of the new MyU portal is to help people be successful in getting their business done at the U.

Before logging into the new systems for the first time, update your browsers and clear your cache.

Why now?

The Upgrade provides us with an opportunity to create a new MyU portal using updated enterprise-wide technology. We are seizing that opportunity to design the new MyU to help everyone at the University.

What are some anticipated benefits of the new MyU?

  • Timely, relevant, and accurate information based on your role at the University in an easy-to-use and accessible system
  • Access to multiple University websites and systems, including the PeopleSoft enterprise systems, after one sign-in
  • A single “front door” that supports the University’s teaching, research, and outreach missions and is easier and more cost effective to maintain than existing portals

Once the Upgrade is complete, MyU will be the gateway for all staff, faculty, and students to directly engage with University information - customized for every user (audience-specific communication, employee benefits, payroll, grades, course information, etc.).

Learn more about MyU by visiting The Upgrade Training & Education page and clicking on the MyU tab.

Portal Functional Steering Committee

Julie Selander - Chair, Functional Steering Committee; Academic Support Resources (Twin Cities)

Amber Bailey - University Relations (Crookston)

Sue Bosell - UMD Financial Cluster (Duluth)

Carla Boyd - Office of the Registrar (Duluth)

Sandra Ecklein - myU (Twin Cities)

Patton Fast - Office of Information Technology (Twin Cities)

Ann Freeman - University Relations (Twin Cities)

Teresa Fruen - College of Continuing Education (Twin Cities)

Kelly Krattiger - Office of Human Resources (Twin Cities)

LeeAnn Melin - Office of Undergraduate Education (Twin Cities)

Carrie Meyer - Enterprise Financial System (Twin Cities)

Emily Ronning - Academic Affairs & Provost (Twin Cities)

Mike Vandenberg - Office of Admissions (Morris)

Andrea Wilson - Human Resources (Rochester)

Portal Project Team

William Dana - Project Director (Twin Cities)

Scott Barnard - Change Management (Twin Cities)

Beth Cunningham - Communications (Twin Cities)

Kim Doberstein - Developer (Twin Cities)

Diane Kleinman - Analyst (Twin Cities)

Cynthia Murdoch - Analyst (Twin Cities)

Jim Nichols - Analyst (Twin Cities)

Bill O’Connor - Communications (Twin Cities)

Jordan Slominski - Developer (Twin Cities)

Shaun Strauss - Analyst (Twin Cities)

Travis Trautman - Analyst (Twin Cities)

Mindy Waltz-Bach - Training Coordinator (Twin Cities)

small and faded image of a portal/MyU preview

MyU Previews

MyU for Employees (Overview)

See features and changes for employees in the new MyU.


MyU for Faculty (Overview)

Take a look at new features and changes for faculty in the new MyU.


MyU for Students (Overview)

See how you’ll register, view financial aid, pay bills and more in the new MyU.


HR Tabs

You’ll perform many of the tasks you currently complete at the HRSS website using the HR tabs in the new MyU.


Academics Tab

The Academics tab is your entry point to information about your degree, registration, classes, and grades.


My Finances Tab

The My Finances tab is your entry point to information about your student account and financial aid.


The Homepage

A first look at the new MyU landing page.


Faculty Career Tab

A peek of the "career tab" for Faculty, new within MyU.


Research Tab

After the new MyU launches, faculty, PI’s and Co-I’s will have access to the new Research tab.


Reporting Center

You'll access UM Reports, UM Analytics, and some PeopleSoft reports through the new Reporting Center.


Purchasing Tab

The Purchasing tab will give everyone information on how to appropriately buy things at the U.


Sneak Peek: The new MyU

This sneak peek video will explain how the University community will use some of the features of the new MyU portal.


Walk through for Faculty

For faculty members interested in an overview of features in the new MyU.


myU to MyU Crosswalk

Looking for something from the previous myU portal in the new MyU? Check the crosswalk.