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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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The Upgrade and You: IT Professionals

Because you work in Information Technology, people will naturally assume that you know about the Upgrade and come to you with questions. You can help ease the transition by guiding our University colleagues and customers to the information and resources they need.

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    Get Upgrade Ready! Self-Help Guide

    Learn about how to get help, ways to learn and prepare, and some answers to commonly- asked questions. The Get Upgrade Ready self-help guide will give you the information you need to help others.

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    Which Browser
    Should I Use?

    Discover if your browser will work with the new Peoplesoft systems.

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    PeopleSoft-Related Systems

    or tertiary systems)

    During the Upgrade, some systems that rely on People- Soft data to function may be view only or unavailable. Learn what to expect from these Peoplesoft-Related systems.

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Where to go for help

Additional support will be provided to existing call centers and help desks.

Your area also has access to Advance Team members, who are volunteer “voice on the ground” personnel with advance tools and information.