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Communication Tools

Help spread word about The Upgrade! We know Faculty and staff pay more attention to messages that come from within their units and through their trusted channels, so please help us prepare others for change. Use these tools in your communications!

  • Upgrade Backgrounder Thumbnail Image
  • Backgrounder

    One page, ready to print. This summary document is a great introduction, or reminder, to circulate with those who are unfamiliar with The Upgrade. Download Backgrounder

  • Upgrade Powerpoint Thumbnail
  • PowerPoint Presentation

    Use this PowerPoint presentation to explain The Upgrade to your colleagues. Messages are updated regularly and describe details behind the new MyU features, timing considerations, as well as detailing role-specific changes. Check back frequently for updates!
    Download PowerPoint

  • Upgrade Posters Thumbnail
  • Posters

    Got a printer? Here are some visuals to help spread the word. You can print an 8.5”x10”, or download the full poster-size for really catching people’s attention!
    View Posters

  • Upgrade Digital Signage Thumbnail
  • Digital Signage

    Does your department or college use digital signs to get the word out? These images have been created for your use with digital monitors.
    View Digital Signage

  • Upgrade Social Media Images Thumbnail
  • Social

    For areas that rely on social networks, we’ve created visuals to easily download and distribute on your media channels. Help us spread the word to your network!
    View Social Graphics

  • Widget

    Calling all web developers, e-communication managers, and online content creators! We have an easy-to-copy/paste widget for your e-communication channels. This widget will automatically update with important updates and messages about how to “get ready” for The Upgrade.
    View Widgets

  • Upgrade ECommunications Thumbnail
  • Plug into our E-Communications

    One of our favorite communication tools! The newsletter publishes important and timely messages about the upgrade. It covers detailed aspects of behind-the-scenes work and is the best way to stay up-to-date with our progress. Encourage everyone to explore our blog and sign up for our electronic newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).

  • Upgrade Timeline Thumbnail
  • Timeline

    A systems interruption is expected to begin April 10th and last about 10 days. Updated systems are scheduled to launch April 20th. This timeline is a simple visual of our timing plan. Stay tuned to our website, blog, and newsletters for the most up to date information about timing.
    Download Timeline

  • Key Contacts

    Please email to connect with the following Change Management and Communications staff:

    • ESUP Director of Communications: Tricia Conway
    • Training Lead: Carolie Carlson
    • Student System Communications Lead: Kate Sophia
    • Student System Change Lead: John Vollum
    • HRMS Communications Lead: Gary McVey
    • HRMS Change Lead: Teri Spillers
    • Finance System Communications Lead: Carrie Meyer
    • Finance System Change Lead: Jen Mein
    • Reporting and Data Management Change Lead: Patty Bales
    • Portal Communications Lead: Beth Cunningham
    • Portal Change Lead: Scott Barnard

  • If you are interested in more detailed messages for your audiences, email us, or take a deeper look in the What's Changing section of the site for detailed information about business process change.