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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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The Upgrade and You: Staff

Scheduled for April 20, 2015, the University will upgrade its PeopleSoft systems supporting HR, Finance, Students, and Faculty. Many employees have roles that involve more than one of these systems. Get prepared by familiarizing yourself with the changes to come:

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    MyU will be for you

    The new MyU will be a completely new experience for employees. MyU will simplify your online experience at the U by bringing together tools and resources you need in one place.

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    Online Time & Absence

    No more paper timesheets or absence forms! Employees will report -- and supervisors will review and approve -- hours and absences online instead of on paper.


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    Systems Interruption

    Just before the new systems “go live”, there will be a one to two-week period during which some systems won’t be available – some will have view-only information that is not live.

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How staff can prepare

Where to go for help

Additional support will be provided to existing call centers and help desks.

Your area also has access to Advance Team members, who are volunteer “voice on the ground” personnel with advance tools and information.