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The Upgrade (ESUP)
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The Upgrade and You: Students

The One Stop on your campus is still your go-to resource for questions on how things work. The website will still have lots of information and One Stop counselors will still be able to answer your questions. The only difference is that when you need to get something done, you’ll go to MyU. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out!



Business Office (218) 281-8331
Financial Aid Office (218) 281-8569
Registrar's Office (218) 281-8548

Duluth One Stop

(218) 726-8000

Morris One Stop

(320) 589-6046

Rochester One Stop

(507) 258-8069

Twin Cities One Stop

(612) 624-1111



Are you a student worker?

University student employees who submit their hours on paper now will do so online. Paper timesheets and absence forms have been eliminated. To learn how to submit your work hours online, go to the Upgrade Training and Education website, click on the Human Resources System tab and look under “Time Reporting.”


A new MyU

Take a peek at the new MyU where you will register, view your grades, pay your student account, view your financial aid, and more!.



Process changes

The University-developed online registration system has been retired and the PeopleSoft registration system has been implemented. The PeopleSoft system is modeled on a "shopping cart" process. This is available in the new MyU.


Take a peek at how these processes work:

The Upgrade has brought a significant shift in how class waitlists and permission numbers relate to each other. The waitlist is for students who are eligible to enroll in the class, but can't because the class is full. Permission numbers are for granting a student admission to a class who would otherwise be unable to enroll in it.


Additionally, the University has moved to an "auto enroll" process for class waitlists (not in use on Crookston or Rochester for this term). This means instead of receiving a permission number and being invited to enroll in the class, you'll automatically be enrolled when a space becomes available for you.


Take a peek at how this process will work after the Upgrade:

There are two key points for you to understand about grades related to the Upgrade:

  • You will view your grades in the new MyU
  • A new grading symbol will begin appearing on student records: NR. It stands for "Not Reported" and this takes the place of a blank grade. If you have an NR symbol on your record, you should follow-up with the instructor to have a grade assigned. The NR symbol carries the same consequences as a blank does now.

Access to your financial aid and your student account (for tuition and fees) will also be available in the new MyU.


Take a peek at how these processes will work after the Upgrade:



Key Dates and Deadlines for Students

The timing of the Upgrade meant that some due dates and deadlines needed to shift. Check out the dates in the calendar and the resources available below.



International Students and Scholars

The Upgrade impacts the services ISSS can provide and the timeliness in which they can respond to requests. More details on deadlines and timelines can be found at Updates on ISSS Services During the Upgrade.

Students who use Adaptive Technologies

MyU is accessible to people who use Adaptive Technologies (AT), however some of the new and expanded self-service processes are yet be ready for AT. The University is committed to bridging this gap to move toward full accessibility. Learn more about receiving support during the Upgrade.